The new nation of The Republic of South Sudan has many needs and much rebuilding to do. We are working to help out in a lot of different ways. Here are our goals for the weeks, months, and years ahead.

Building a Church – COMPLETED!
Building Schools
Building Wells and Providing Clean Water
Creating Medical Clinics
Creating Community Learning Centers for Adult Education
Create Programs to Provide Hope for Veterans, Orphans and Widows/Widowers

Create the South Sudan Christian Leadership Training Center (SSCLTC) to provide training for church leaders and evangelists
Create a public place for reading and/or a community library.
Provide Bibles, books, and used textbooks for college students.
Send donated and purchased used computers for local churches in South Sudan.
Fund a Community Learning Center program to bring American college students to learn various skills by which they may contribute to the mission of SSEM.

Children’s Tylenol © (acetaminophen) and other Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicine donations.
Clothing, shoes, and sunglasses for all ages.
Choir and Deaconess Robes.
Money to ship physical donations to South Sudan.

See a need you want to give to?  Head over to the Get Involved page for details on donating, upcoming events, and how you can help out!

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