MISSION 2017-2018

It is with great joy and deep gratitude we inform you that leadership training and the stewardship training was held at six Presbyteries in both countries. Five leadership trainings were held in Ethiopia and one in the refugee camp in Ethiopia, where many of our refugee brothers and sisters are dwelling because of the ongoing civil and senseless man-made war; which had 13 parishes.

Fellow believers were taught to be good stewards for what the Lord granted for his mission. Paul taught at Luallok Bible School in Ethiopia and Pagak Bible School and raised funds for the two Bible Schools. In addition, Paul was appointed to be the first Principal for Luallok Bible School.

SSEM trained 589 to be good stewards for what God had given them.  God’s Word was preached to 11,100 brothers and sisters in South Sudan and Ethiopia. No one can doubt that all of these great activities or achievements are taking place because of your commitment and dedication to support South Sudan Education Mission (SSEM).


Video from Facebook

Looking back on our mission in 2017.  Glory be to God for allowing us to reach these places.


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